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The EARMOR M31 PLUS electronic earplugs are a digital noise cancelling headset designed for hearing protection in everyday shooting training.

They can suppress noises that exceed 82dB, such as explosions or gunfire, while amplifying ambient sounds.

They improve the perception of speech, motion, aircraft, vehicles, gun and gunshot operation, so they not only protect hearing but also improve environmental awareness.

The modular design allows adaptation to different suspension systems.

Gel ear cushions seal around the ears to block out noise while being wear-resistant.

The EMI system effectively filters out electromagnetic interference from other electronic devices.

A 3.5 mm AUX audio cable for the M31 PLUS allows connection to multimedia devices (mobile phones, MP3, computers, etc.) to provide a better experience.

Environmental perception
5 levels of volume adjustment, allowing for better adaptation to different environmental needs.
Improve your perception of speech, motion, aircraft, vehicles, gun and gunshot operation to not only protect hearing but also improve environmental awareness.

Hearing protection
Equipped with highly sensitive ambient noise detection, with an extremely fast response time in transient situations of less than 1 millisecond. It ensures that users are not affected by any sudden noise effect.

EMI/RFI shielding system & EMI/RFI shielding system Dynamic ambient sound monitoring
In environments where electromagnetic waves disturb the functionality of the device, it is usually referred to as electromagnetic noise. They are equipped with a built-in electromagnetic radiation filtering system that effectively suppresses electromagnetic noise generated by other devices in the environment, ensuring smooth operation in any situation. The use of dynamic speech recognition technology enhances speech recognition through the sounds of the environment. It processes and improves voice conversations in noisy environments, making speech clearer.

Comfort in use
The gel ear pads effectively prevent sound leakage, allow for long hours of use and are also sweat resistant.

Noise reduction rating: NRR22dB

The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is a guide to the level of noise attenuation provided by an earplug. A simple way to understand NRR is that the higher the number, the more the noise is attenuated.

Digital noise suppression exceeding 82dB in less than 1 millisecond

5 intensity levels
5 volume levels for ambient listening and additional 3 levels for amplification in earplug mode

The EMI/RFI shielding system enhances resistance to external electromagnetic interference.

Dynamic voice tracking system
The dynamic voice tracking system improves the clarity of sound.

Protection against incorrect pressing
The design against the wrong pressing of the power button requires a prolonged pressing of 3 seconds for activation and deactivation.

Lightweight and Durable shell
3 mm thick ABS molded plastic shell is lightweight and durable

Powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries, with up to 60 hours of operation. (Batteries are NOT included in the package)

Energy saving design
Audible low battery warning, automatic shutdown after 4 hours of inactivity

Audio input jack 3.5 mm
Features a 3.5 mm audio input port for connection to multimedia devices

Waterproof design meets harsh weather conditions

Complies with CE / RoSH / ANSIS3.19-1974 / EN352-1:2002 / EN352-4:2001/A1:2005 / EN352-5:2002/A1:2005 / EN352-6:2002 / FCC