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The M20 Electronic Earplugs are the most convenient and excellent hearing protection product.
Adopts electronic hearing protection in the ear, which can help reduce constant noise
and pulse noise, while suppressing hazardous noises higher than 82 dB and improving perception of the
and communication in noisy environments. There are two indoor and outdoor modes to adjust the ambient sound.
They are suitable for use in high-noise environments such as shooting training, law enforcement and construction, making work comfortable and efficient.
Battery life can be up to 8 hours and there is a low battery reminder.
The portable case offers rapid charging. Compared to traditional noise cancelling hearing aids,
M20s are smaller and lighter in weight. Electronic earplugs combine compatibility, portability and comfort.
Comes with a silicone retention cord to prevent loss and accessories such as a headphone cover and plugs of different sizes
so that they can be used by users with different ear sizes.

Features :

– Noise reduction rating +NRR22
– Intuitive one-button operation
– Long lasting rechargeable battery
– 2 operation programs. One for Indoor and one for Outdoor
– Power indicator for low battery
– Auto power off after charging, auto power off after 2 hours of standby
– Portable, comfortable and compatible
– Silicone retention cord against loss
– 3 sizes of ear plugs
– The included data cable can be used for charging
– IPX-4 water resistance